The music that inspired Her Name Is Murder
Lady your roof brings me down was essential to get in the vibe of the book.
The way I used Greensleeves was indeed fictional. There was a rumor or myth that it was about Anne Boleyn but most historians don’t believe it true.
Hugely impacted the story. Caught it while eating fast food during writing. And used it despite its sparkly paranormal romance connections.
Every pretty little liar knows this... fits Murder’s story fairly well!
A grunge rock favorite that I knew Murder would adore.
3/4 time modern rock songs are few and far between. Love this one!
Yes, Blondie is PUNK don’t @ me. Lol
Song I grew up singing. For the sweetest of hearts.
We’ve all wished we could, right?
Needed an old crooner tune. And Ol’ blues fit another plot point as well!
Princess on the catwalk? Too perfect. LOL
Using Chino Moreno music to inspire me is becoming a tradition now. Especially ✞✞✞
No affiliation with A.C. Merkel, Lady Dreamscapes, or Her Name Is Murder is implied. Just love and was inspired by these songs!