Prologue The ability to violate our own programming is what makes us us. It’s what makes us like them. I never wanted to be like them. But now I was closer than I ever thought I could be. -C. Robert Cargill - Sea Of Rust knockoff (noun) knock·​off | \ ˈnäk-ˌȯf \ Definition of knockoff : a copy that sells for less than the original broadly : a copy or imitation of someone or something popular. “I’m a knockoff of a man. I’m a knockoff of a machine. I’m not really either of those things, but damn it Kaemon, I’m close. One day I’ll meet the human who designed me, and they can explain. Until I know what I am I will wear that mantle; Knockoff. My friends and I are the Knockoff Racers. We are a new thing... The missing link between man and machine.” -Redshift From the outside inward they looked like ordinary cars. moved like ordinary cars They even sounded like ordinary cars. Truthfully, in essence, except for some slick programming and a tiny chemical compound rolling around inside, maybe they were ordinary cars. When you get right down to it, what are we? Humans, homosapiens, elaborate machines that run off fuel just like any other. What constitutes a soul? Is it a desire to feel? Maybe it’s an ability to think, to love, to desire things, to be a hero or a villain? A soul cannot be summed up in words, necessarily. A soul in a machine? How would one figure up such a bizarre thing? Best to remember that beauty is tin deep, and all things can be summed up in horsepower.