The music that inspired 🖤WITCH vs WIT☽H🖤
Songs referenced in book:
“Pisces” is the song WIT☽H is covering when Farrah first sees Sirena.
The Storm is coming. Many action scenes were written with “Eye of the Storm” in mind.
This “Fascination Street” cover by a local Birmingham band has stayed in my personal music rotation for longer than I would like to admit. Might even say I’m fascinated with it.
“Cross Road Blues” has also been a regular listen for me. One of my bands did a cover of the version by Cream many years ago.
Self described as “WITCH HOUSE” music, Crosses gets mentioned and there may be a big character reference to a favorite singer. 🖤 yes, I adore Chino!
This cover by Jazz singer Stacey Kent matched up perfectly to how I though Farrah would sound singing her favorite song. So good’
What’s a romance without a love song!
Farrah shows an interest in acoustic guitar and chanting. VAST to me was a blend of styles both my lead characters could enjoy.
The songs below, while not referenced directly in the book, helped with moods while writing and all played a part in story development. Some inspired dialogue.
I wanted to reference this one bad but couldn’t find the spot. This was the first song on the playlist. Once you’ve read... you’ll understand.
Erstwhile set a mood for both characters. The penultimate chapter’s last internal monologue line was Inspired by this song
Was my favorite band for years. It’s the Background vocals by Sierra Swan that set this one off.
The world renowned witches theme song performed hard and heavy with a female lead! Yes, yes, and yes
Metal music about a storm. Again wished to reference but is always good listening!
Sarah Green-Rainwater’s song
No affiliation with Author A.C. Merkel or Witch vs. Witch is implied. I just love and was inspired by these songs.